Allen Pfeiffer and Michael Vitti published in National Litigation Consultants’ Review: "Assessing Lehman’s Solvency Prior to its Bankruptcy Filing"

Lehman remains the largest American bankruptcy filing in history and demonstrated what could happen when a supposedly “too big-to-fail” firm fails. Allen Pfeiffer and Michael Vitti, managing directors in Duff & Phelps Disputes and Investigations practice and members of the Duff & Phelps team that served as the financial advisors to the Examiner (Anton Valukas) in the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy, authored the article titled “Assessing Lehman’s Solvency Prior to its Bankruptcy Filing” which was published in the National Litigation Consultants’ Review. The article provides context for the overall market conditions and the dichotomy of views of Lehman at the time and is relevant for assessments of Lehman’s solvency prior to its bankruptcy filing.

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