Bob Bartell Discusses M&A Activity with International Financial Law Review

Bob Bartell, Global Head of Corporate Finance at Duff & Phelps, was recently quoted in the International Financial Law Review article “Dealmakers already looking to 2021 as M&A market disappears.” With 2019 being one of the slowest years for deal-making in recent years, M&A activity was already off to a rocky start. Now, with the ongoing pandemic, dealmakers have begun to write off 2020 and are looking to 2021 for some signs of revival.

According to Bob, “Cross border M&A will return, but – considering the impediment to travel – perhaps not for a year or so. Many firms are just about to come out of the cave and visit clients, but this is at a domestic level.” He says, "I can’t predict what is going to happen, but people will be nervous about travel and being able to get back into their home country, for example if the borders close following a spike."

"Whenever met by an unexpected and uncontrollable event, there is always concern from the buyer's perspective about long-term viability.”

With regards to working virtually, Bob thinks face-to-face interactions are more conducive to deal-making: “There is confidence with contract law, but people need to be comfortable with each other, too.”

International Financial Law Review subscribers can read the full article here.

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