Duff & Phelps Engaged as Monitoring Trustee in AB InBev's Acquisition of SABMiller

Duff & Phelps is pleased to announce that the firm has been retained by the competition authorities in El Salvador (“La Superintendencia de Competencia”) as monitoring trustee in connection with Anheuser-Busch InBev’s acquisition of SABMiller. This marks the first instance that a monitoring trustee is being retained in the El Salvador market.

In its capacity as monitoring trustee, Duff & Phelps will oversee the divestment of two of the country’s main beer brands, Suprema and Regia. Prior to the divestment, the trustee will oversee the maintenance of the viability of the brands. Duff & Phelps has extensive experience providing monitoring trustee services, acting both as a monitoring and a divestiture trustee, in a number of jurisdictions.  Duff & Phelps has extensive experience with European Commission cases in various industries such as carbonated beverages, chemicals, civil aviation, power generation, pharmaceuticals and financial services.

Read selected press coverage in Spanish of this appointment below:

Company has been chosen to follow the sales process of “Suprema” and “Regia” (El Diario de Hoy, February 8, 2017)

The competition commission swears in Duff & Phelps B.V. as monitoring trustee to supervise the fulfillment of commitments entered into by ABInbev related to its SABMiller acquisition. 

Dutch firm will supervise the sale of brands “Regia” and “Suprema” (El Salvador Times, February 7, 2017)

Duff & Phelps will monitor the merger process between the two biggest breweries in the world. 

International firm will monitor the sales process of beer brands (Verdad Digital, February 7, 2017)

Duff & Phelps B.V. chosen to monitor sale of SABMiller brands “Suprema” and “Regia” in El Salvador.  Read the article.

Watch select television coverage in Spanish below:

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