Eric Coburn Quoted: Addiction treatment: The new gold rush. ‘It’s almost chic’

Eric Coburn, Managing Director in the firm’s Healthcare M&A practice, was quoted in an article for The Orange County Register entitled, "Addiction treatment: The new gold rush. ‘It’s almost chic’," an interesting feature on how addiction treatment is shaping the healthcare industry as a whole. The article claims that with the removal of the stigma of addiction treatment and the consolidation of addiction treatment centers into larger networks, care for patients will be more readily available and financially reasonable.

“It’s hot ... There’s a big need out there. It’s a growth sector for Medicaid and commercial private pay. You’d think, with all the talk about changing the Affordable Care Act, investors would be very, very nervous – but they’re not.”

Eric also said that “There’s wider recognition that addiction is an illness,” and that “People are less embarrassed about asking for help compared to years ago. You could argue it’s almost chic.”

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