Peter Wilson Featured in HFM Discussing Compliance Programs

Peter Wilson, Managing Director in Duff & Phelps’ Compliance and Regulatory Consulting practice, was featured in an article by HFM discussing compliance programs.
In the piece, he discusses how after the financial crisis, hedge funds, private equity firms and asset managers alike have been subject to an increased amount of regulation and scrutiny.
“Investors realize now that compliance plays an important role within the firm and acts as a gatekeeper when it comes to identifying potential conflicts of interest and managing those conflicts,” he says. “Today, the CCO and/or the compliance team is much more active in all aspects of the business so, as investors consider managers for allocations, they want to speak with the CCO to get a better understanding of how the firm operates.”

The role of compliance was historically focused on the legal and regulatory side of the advisory business. Over time compliance has now evolved to take a more proactive role by integrating into all aspects of the firms’ operations.
Read the full article in HFM

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