Read Rosemary Fanelli's Latest Forbes Article: Sharknado - SEC Targets Landsharks, Congress Those At Sea

Rosemary Fanelli, Managing Director in the Compliance and Regulatory practice at Duff & Phelps, published her most recent contribution to her blog with "Sharknado - SEC Targets Landsharks, Congress Those at Sea" a timely piece on the mistreatment of retail investors.

"But, what relation does shark finning have to the financial industry?  An analogous one.  On Wall Street, though, it is the "sharks" who are the victimizers -  not the victims - at least the metaphorical kind.  SEC Chairman Jay Clayton has expressed his dismay at the amount of retail and senior fraud still taking place, recently stating it "makes me sick," as  Rosemary explains.

The full article is available on the Forbes website.

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