Ryan McNelley Quoted in the WSJ City

Ryan McNelley, managing director in London, has been quoted in the article 'Credible Values: AIFMs evaluate Brexit implications' sharing his thoughts on the implications of Brexit for alternative investment fund managers (AIFMs).   

In the article, Ryan comments: "The question that managers invested in illiquid assets will be asking is how to make their valuations express the impact of the Brexit vote in a way that is credible. Valuing illiquid assets requires judgment. Managers will have to assess their valuations on a case-by-case basis."

He adds: "It is important for fund managers to think of the message they are sending to their investors: they need to be forthright and transparent. If they don't know what the full impact of the Brexit is going to be on their portfolio, the best they can do is to be honest with their clients. What you shouldn't do is leave your valuations unchanged."

Read the full article in Structured Credit Investor.

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