Valuation Roundtable for the Luxembourg Fund Sector

Calendar February 23, 2017

Sofitel Luxembourg Europe
4 Rue du Fort Niedergrunewald
Quartier Européen Nord

Join Duff & Phelps for a practical workshop-style primer on valuation for third-party AIFMs, fund administrators, and law firms based in Luxembourg. 

Topics will include: 

  • Empirical return on experience, post AIFM directive and operating models on valuation
  • Valuation risks to which the AIFM is exposed and industry guidelines governing valuation
  • Due diligence on the valuation practices of prospective fund administrators and valuation agents
  • Governance considerations for AIFMs, conducting officers,  companies, directors, fund administrators and operational due diligence professionals 
  • Hot Topics and a ‘state of the industry’ discussion including case studies 

The discussion will be led by:

  • Alan Picone, Managing Director, Risk Consulting
  • David Larsen, Managing Director, Portfolio Valuation
  • Ryan McNelley, Managing Director, Portfolio Valuation

Registration is now closed for this event.

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