FCA’s New Data Collection Platform – Regdata

FCA New Data Collection

The FCA has announced that the name of its new data collection platform replacing Gabriel will be ‘RegData’. The FCA explained that firms will be moved to RegData in groups to minimize impact of the transition. The FCA will email firm’s principal and associated users 3 weeks before their moving date and send reminders 5 and 1 day before transition. In advance of their moving date, firms will be asked to check that they have:

  • up-to-date contact details in Gabriel;
  • nominated the correct principal user and assigned administrator rights correctly in Gabriel; and
  • accurate information in Gabriel about all other active users – with any non-active users disabled.

In developing RegData, the FCA took onboard feedback received from Gabriel users highlighting in particular three main areas for improvement:

  • accessing Gabriel, particularly the speed of the system and getting support
  • viewing the Gabriel reporting schedule, especially the need to improve the schedule layout and submission history
  • submitting data and the importance of guidance and data validation

The FCA full announcement can be found here.

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