Sapin II: Are You Expecting a Visit from the French Anti-Corruption Agency?

One year on from the Sapin II law’s entry into force, the French Anti-corruption Agency (FAA) has published guidance to assist regulated firms and a number of inspections have commenced, just as the authority announced at the beginning of 2017. The FAA has issued a comprehensive list of 163 questions to help firms prepare for a visit, although at first glance the scope and content of the information and documents seem all-encompassing, and references to internal controls and an ongoing compliance program are prominent. Thorough preparation is essential to ensure that firms can provide the requested information in a timely fashion, and to identify staff members who may be interviewed and ensure they are properly briefed ahead of their contact with the investigating team.

Duff & Phelps’ Hannah Rossiter and Jean-Jacques Quang have partnered with Lexology to produce a webinar, detailing how financial services firms should prepare for a regulatory inspection by the new anti-corruption authority in France, and how to interact with the inspection team to optimize the outcome.

The webinar addresses the key points that the FAA will be looking to verify, examining whether the overall anti-corruption framework properly covers the firm’s activities and is effective.

Click the below links to listen:

English Language Version

French Language Version

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