What is the Future State of Unclaimed Property?

What is the Future State of Unclaimed Property?

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Over the past two years, a series of sea-change developments in the unclaimed property compliance arena have impacted corporations in the United States.

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At Duff & Phelps, we like to ask ourselves, “what’s next?” What changes will impact our clients and the Holder community in general? The insatiable demand for enhanced revenue streams from the states, along with technological advances in payments and currency appears to set the stage for even more rapid changes in the years to come.

So, we asked ourselves, “what is the future state of unclaimed property?” In addition to gathering and presenting in this publication the ideas of our own team of unclaimed property advisors, we sought the opinions of leading attorneys and government officials. The articles reveal a wide range of possible trends and outcomes that we hope you will find enlightening.

Topics Addressed Include:

  • Robert Peters and Scott Regan highlight why states will continue to increase amounts collected, attempt to accelerate collections and strive to make even greater amounts that are escheated the permanent and nonrefundable property of the state.
  • Howard J. Swibel reviews the competing viewpoints of the states and holder advocates.
  • Diane Green-Kelly examines the likelihood for an increase in lawsuits challenging assessments with the potential for another Supreme Court case.
  • G. Allen Mayer explains the likeliness of states adopting RUUPA and examines the elements that are most likely to be included in legislation.
  • Kendall L. Houghton considers how investment assets will continue to generate audit disputes and litigation.
  • The Honorable Jeffrey W. Bullock addresses how the compliance landscape changed in Delaware after the Temple-Inland decision was issued in June of 2016.