REIT Roll-up Transactions: How Much is Your Manager Worth?

In REIT roll-up transactions, the value of contributed real estate assets is generally understood, as investors are usually comfortable with the well-established methodologies underlying real estate appraisals. The value of the management company is less straightforward, however, and often becomes an area of inordinate focus in roll-up transactions. So why is the management company a source of value, and how is that value best determined?

This article explores management company valuations from the following perspectives:

  • Why it is important to convert to internal management prior to a REIT going public;
  • The reasons why a manager has value in a roll-up;
  • Historical trends regarding management company valuations in REIT roll-up and internalization transactions;
  • The use of a discounted cash flow analysis to value management companies; and,
  • Factors that impact the values of management companies.
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