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Assessment Date: Jan. 1 of the current year
Personal Property Assessment Ratio: 0%
Real Estate Assessment Ratio: 100%

Personal Property Return Deadline: Canada does not tax personal property.
Exemptions: Not Applicable
Real Estate Return Deadline: Not Required
Requirements: Not Applicable

Reappraisal Cycle: Annually
Appeal Period: Mid-April through Mid-May
Appeal Deadline: Within 30 days of notice date

Canada does not audit personal property.

Tax Bills
Personal Property Due Date: Canada does not tax personal property
Number of Payments:Not Applicable
Real Estate Due Date: June 20 of the current year. Feb. 4 of the current year for advance tax in Vancouver City.
Number of Payments: Various
Period Covered: Jan. 1 through Dec. 31 of the current year

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Valuation and consulting for financial reporting; federal, state and local tax; investment; and risk management purposes.

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Tax Services

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Property Tax Services

Property tax management and minimization services and strategies.

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