Brexit Webcast 1 - The impact on Regulation for Asset Managers

Duff & Phelps recently held a 30 minute webcast, the first in our Brexit series, where our Regulatory experts shared their initial thoughts on what Brexit means for the asset management industry in the short-term and considerations for longer term preparations.


Duration: 30 minutes

Topics discussed in the webcast include:

  • The current landscape
  • Common questions being asked by clients
  • Options for accessing the European markets
  • How UK markets and regulation could evolve
  • Lessons learnt from previous experiences

Speakers include:

  • Julian Korek, Global Head of Compliance and Regulatory Consulting
  • Nick Bayley – Regulatory Consulting
  • Ian Manson – Compliance Consulting
  • Killian Buckley – Regulatory Consulting
  • Monique Melis – Regulatory Consulting
  • Stephen Rabel – Tax Compliance Consulting
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