Webcast Replay: Opportunities of Investing in Direct Lending

Marketplace lending continues to benefit from increasingly sophisticated investors and an expanding range of service providers. Traditional banks are also supporting the growth of loan originators by investing in their ability to effectively and efficiently fund and securitize loans. The space has also seen increased public awareness with major recent news events signaling change in the credit markets.

Duration is 60 minutes

Download this complimentary webcast with Orchard to discuss investing in market place lending and the issues investors in this space need to address.

Topics will include:

  • Growth in marketplace lending
  • Return potential
  • Product types and platforms 
    • Consumer / small business
    • Fractional versus whole loans
  • Who is investing 
    • Not just individuals: institutional investors comprise over 75% of new funding
  • Investment structures 
    • Open versus closed funds
  • What you need to know ◦Loan purchasing
  • Origination platform due diligence
    • Aggregating data across origination platforms
    • Fair value analysis and risk and return analysis
    • Satisfying auditors and investors needs


  • John Schrader, Managing Director, Complex Asset Solutsions, Duff & Phelps
  • Brian Weber, Vice President, Complex Asset Solutions, Duff & Phelps
  • Zac Prince, Business Development, Orchard Platform, Inc.
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