Cost of Capital Navigator

An online platform that guides you through the process of estimating cost of capital, a key component of any valuation analysis. You can subscribe to any or all three cost of capital modules, each offering three annual subscription levels: Basic, Pro and Enterprise.

International Cost of Capital Module

International Cost of Capital Module

The International Cost of Capital Module provides global cost of capital data for over 175 countries, with data going back to March 2014. Country risk, a combination of political, economic and financial risks that are associated with investing in a foreign country, can vary significantly over both the short- and long-term. Failure to account for changes in country risk can lead to misleading value conclusions. The new interactive module guides users through the process of quantifying global country risk when estimating cost of capital.

International Cost of Capital Module

International Data Includes

  • Country risk premia (CRPs) for over 175 countries
  • Global equity risk premia and risk-free rates
  • Relative volatility (RV) factors for over 70 countries
  • International industry-level betas (Pro only)
  • Long-term inflation expectations
  • Full country risk premia tables by country (Pro only)


International Industry Benchmarking

The International Industry Benchmarking Module

The International Industry Benchmarking Module can be used to benchmark, augment, and support the analyst's own custom analysis of the industry in which a subject business, business ownership interest, security, or intangible asset resides.

The Module includes industry level analyses for four global economic areas: (i) the “World”, (ii) the European Union, (iii) the Eurozone, and (iv) the United Kingdom. Each of the four global economic area’s industry analyses are presented in three currencies: (i) the euro (€ or EUR), (ii)the British pound (£ or GBP), and (iii) the U. S. dollar ($ or USD). Industries in the book are identified by their Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS) code.

International Industry Benchmarking Module

Global Industry-level Data Includes

  • Cost of equity, cost of debt and WACC estimates
  • Performance statistics
  • Valuation multiples
  • Levered and unlevered betas
  • Capital structure
  • Company Lists

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