Eric ter Hark has served as a Duff & Phelps' Senior Advisor since 2006. He brings more than 34 years of expertise in strategy, mergers and acquisitions.

Previously, Eric was the director of corporate development for Amsterdam-based Royal Vendex KBB and a member of the company's executive board. Prior to that, he served as general counsel, leading all merger and acquisition transactions for GIB Group, a $6 billion retail conglomerate based in Brussels. Eric began his career as a lawyer and practiced 14 years in Amsterdam and Paris.

Today Eric serves as president of the supervisory board for HARG BV, a company operating 400 optical stores in The Netherlands, Belgium and France and serves as supervisory director of Biotech Tools, a Brussels-based biotechnology company.

Eric holds a law degree from the University of Leyden and is an AMP alumni from Insead.

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