Errol Soriano, FCPA, FCA, FCBV, CFE, HBA is a Chartered Professional Accountant, Chartered Business Valuator, Certified Fraud Examiner and a managing director for the Disputes and Investigations practice, based in the Toronto office. He has over 25 years of experience quantifying losses and fair market value. Errol has consulted on over 1,000 cases in matters involving intellectual property, transaction disputes, shareholder disputes, estate litigation, breach of contract and fiduciary duty, insurance claims (including professional negligence), international trade and investment disputes, product liability, class actions, tax disputes, and franchising. Errol has testified approximately 50 times in courts, quasi-judicial hearings and arbitrations (including international arbitration).

Errol’s expertise is also sought in non-litigious matters to prepare fairness opinions to special committees of public companies and expert reports submitted to regulatory boards, professional associations, and government ministries and agencies on matters involving value in the context of policy, regulatory compliance and pricing. Errol has also acted as a court appointed business valuator and Inspector.

Errol has worked in a wide range of industries with particularly deep experience in oil and gas, chemical manufacturing, transportation, pharmaceuticals, infrastructure development, heavy industry manufacturing, consumer products, agriculture, fisheries and tax shelters.

Errol has received the honorary designation of Fellow from the Canadian Institute of Chartered Business Valuators and also from the Canadian Institute of Chartered Professional Accountants in recognition of his extensive contributions and overall leadership in the profession. Errol has been voted amongst the most highly regarded arbitration expert witness in Canada (2015, 2016, 2017) and is one of five damages experts in Canada currently named to the International Who’s Who of Commercial Arbitration (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017) based on a survey of Canadian lawyers.

Representative Engagements

  • Patent Infringement – Prepared a detailed expert report quantifying damages including royalties, infringement profits and springboard profits. The total claim was in the range of CDN$1 billion.
  • Provided a critique report of the opposing expert’s analysis. Court File No. T-2051-10 – (2016).
  • Section 8 Pharmaceutical Damages – Prepared a detailed expert report quantifying damages for one of the most widely dispenses pharmaceutical Products in Canada. Provided a critique report of the opposing expert’s analysis. Court File No. T-1048-07 – (2016).
  • Shareholder Dispute – valuation of share interests and forensic review of related party transactions to assess potential self-dealing and imprudent conduct in a large oil and gas venture in Russia. Court File No. ONSC 997 - (2014).
  • International Trade Disputes (BIT arbitration) – Retained by US counsel in a claim brought by a US citizen against the Egyptian government pursuant to the Investor State provisions of a Bilateral Investment Treaty between the countries. Also retained on various other cases involving NAFTA Chapter 11 and BIT’s. Prepared expert reports, critique reports of opposing experts and analyses and conclusions. Settled.
  • Professional Negligence – U.S. arbitration proceedings. Retained by US counsel.  This case involves alleged engineering/design deficiencies in an industrial construction project that was the largest construction project in North America (at the time). Prepared a detailed report addressing deficiencies in the information produced to date and the shortcomings in the plaintiff’s damages theory and technical errors in their expert’s analyses and conclusions. Settled.
  • Infrastructure Disputes/Delays– retained to advise on the negotiation of contract settlement terms in several government infrastructure projects involving hundreds of millions of dollars.
  • Worked collaboratively with all parties to present issues and possible resolutions. Settled.
  • Product Liability – retained to quantify potential financial losses arising from the failure of a critical component in a multi-billion dollar transportation system that resulted in delayed commercial production. Advised the board of directors and quantified the financial effects of the delay.  
  • Breach of Contract – prepared a report outlining the financial losses to one of the largest multi-national engineering/ manufacturing companies in the world arising from the termination of a multi-billion dollar infrastructure project that was in process at the time. This complex undertaking including gathering and analyzing data from subsidiaries on three continents. Settled.
  • Breach of Fiduciary Duty – quantified the financial loss arising from a failure to provide financing for a multi-hotel construction project. Included financial modelling of the project viability, assessment of financing options and mitigation opportunities. Settled.
  • Class Actions – retained in numerous cases (plaintiff and defense) involving product liability, consumer pricing, franchise systems, financial products and public disclosure for publicly traded companies.
  • Regulatory – retained to provide financial analysis and findings in pricing negotiations in regulated industries (managed markets) and also in a price dispute before the Patented Medicines Price Review Board.


  • Fellow, Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants
  • Fellow, Canadian Institute of Chartered Business Valuators
  • Certified Fraud Examiner, Association of Certified Fraud Examiners
  • Chartered Business Valuator, Canadian Institute of Chartered Business Valuators
  • Chartered Accountant, Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants


  • Honours Business Administration, University of Western Ontario, 1987 


Professional Affiliations

  • Association of Certified Fraud Examiners
  • Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants
  • Canadian Institute of Chartered Business Valuators
  • Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ontario
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