Sharon Barrett is a director in the Dublin office and is heavily involved in all aspects of insolvency and receivership. Sharon’s key areas of expertise are in evaluation, restructuring, business advisory and trading analysis.  

Having come from a banking background, Sharon brings extensive credit management experience to her restructuring role.  

Sharon is very focused on delivering quality information and timely reports to the end client, and her focus on strategy enables customers to make informed decisions in relation to business and assets. She works with cases across a variety of sectors, primarily property and trading assignments. She is also currently working on a large assignment involving significant forensic investigation.     

Sharon’s industry experience has provided her with a significant number of contacts within the financial, construction and trading sectors, which gives her access to a large variety of specialist professionals, whose skills she can call on in the management of her assignments.  

Sharon is a Qualified Financial Advisor and a Member of The Institute of Bankers. She is also a member of the Irish Society of Insolvency Practitioners. 

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