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Broker-Dealer Services

Our broker-dealer compliance specialists are former Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) regulatory professionals, forensic accountants, investigators and industry and technology experts who work with U.S. and international broker-dealers to assist them in meeting regulatory obligations while reducing their compliance risk profile.

Registration Services

  • Draft and file the Applicant’s Form BD 
  • Draft and file the Applicant’s New Membership Application (Form NMA) with FINRA
  • Schedule qualification examinations for all registered representative candidates
  • Draft and submit FINRA entitlement forms that provide access to the online FINRA Gateway system
  • Draft and submit U-4 filings for each registered representative within the firm
  • Draft and submit NRF filings for all associated persons within the firm 
  • Assist in preparing the Applicant’s business plan
  • Draft supervisory procedures manual
  • Develop and implement anti-money laundering (AML) policies and procedures
  • Preparation for the pre-membership interview
  • Perform continuing education needs analysis and create training plan
  • Develop business continuity plan
  • Prepare and submit state registration package(s)
  • Prepare continuing membership applications (CMA)
  • Prepare materiality consultations (MatCons)

Ongoing Regulatory Support Services

  • Conduct FINRA and SEC mock examinations
  • Prepare Form U-4 and U-5 filings and amendments
  • Prepare Form BD and BR filings and amendments 
  • State registration
  • Conduct AML audits/independent testing and review of AML procedures
  • Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FINCEN) reviews
  • Conduct branch office programs and audits
  • Conduct annual compliance meeting
  • Business continuity plan creation and review
  • Customer complaint review and form filing
  • Provide annual registration renewal reminders and tracking
  • Update written supervisory procedures 
  • Review of advertising and marketing materials
  • Inform the broker-dealer of changes in SEC and FINRA rules and regulations that may affect the broker-dealer’s business
  • Provide regulatory inquiry assistance
  • Assist with regulatory mandated consulting 
  • Perform 3120/3130 supervisory controls assessments
  • Provide surveillance (e.g. personal trading, electronic communications)

Gap Analysis Reviews, Due Diligence Reviews and Training Services

  • Ad hoc review and analysis of the effectiveness and efficiency of AML programs
  • Ad hoc gap analysis review of business and compliance programs to determine broker-dealer’s supervisory control procedures identified by a risk assessment 
  • Broker-dealer due diligence reviews (e.g. pre-change of ownership Continuing Membership Application)





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